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Matcha, My Matcha

The green machine. Truly, it’s a machine. I am talking about Matcha, specifically Matcha powder. Matcha powder is made from green tea. This stems from tea leaves that dates back to China and Japan for hundreds of years.

Some fun facts to know…Who doesn’t like white teeth? Shockingly, matcha might help keep your teeth white and strong due to the amounts of fluroride in the plant (WebMD, 2020). I wouldn’t go as far to skip brushing your teeth, but another factor to why adding Matcha to your diet is worth it.

Matcha also has many antioxidants, also called catechins, as well as polyphenols in a mega-dose form that can help reduce cell damage (Womenshealthmagazine, 2018). Another way to prevent Arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

The results of a study done in 2020, showed that dietary supplementation with matcha could effectively inhibit the weight gain, fat accumulation, glycemia and lipidemia increases in your body (Food & Function). Let’s bring in the new year with our Matcha Energy Bites. The leaves are ground down into a powder that is far stronger than regular tea (WebMD, 2020), so a little goes a long way. Mid-day slumps, not anymore! A quick macro nutrient snack in the middle of the day to boost your energy, and your metabolism. I’ll take two pleaseJ

--Ariel Clatty, PhD

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