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Rice Flour

We use an array of combination flours in our products. Rice flour is one of them that is rich in fiber. This high fiber content is excellent for gut and digestion health, it can also reduce cholesterol, and improve blood sugar levels (healthonline 2020). Rice also contains many minerals including Choline, which “prevents the buildup of fat and cholesterol in your liver” (livestronghealth, 2020). The combination of gut and liver health is another reason to add rice to your lifestyle!

Since health is not only about the body on the inside, rice can also absorb excess oil in your skin and hair (webmd 2020). This does not mean to start rubbing rice on your face to remove oil… luckily, it will naturally absorb more oils within the skin and hair on those pesky summer days if added to your lifestyle plan on a consistent basis. Try any of our Illumina products, almost all contain rice flour in some capacityJ

Tailormadehealth created nutritional facts surrounding the additional minerals that make rice flour action packed (2020)! See below…

Rice Flour: Nutrition Facts: Iron, 0.4 mg. 2.0 mg ; Magnesium, 35.0 mg, 112 mg ; Phosphorus, 98.0 mg. 337 mg ; Potassium, 76.0 mg, 289 mg.

--Ariel Clatty, PhD 2.28.2022

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