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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

  • We do not have our own storefront. Our products are available for wholesale order; or at pop up events and markets.

  • Select products are now available at the locations listed on our home page.

Where can I pickup an event order if it is not a delivery?

  •  Erin's Fine Foods - 8340 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh PA 15237


What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept cash, Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, Credit and Debit cards may be processed through our Square card reader upon pickup or delivery with a convenience fee of 3% added to your total.

How do you justify costs of goods sold?

  • Our products are gluten free, natural and most are organic.  We do not add preservatives, additives, or fillers (unless you want pretty colors for your cakes and desserts).  As many know, prices of food have unfortunately skyrocketed as well as shipping costs (even for bulk orders).  We try to keep in mind the price in this difficult time of inflation and costs rising everywhere. 

  • Additional Costs will be added to your order for special changes or dietary requirements; Ex: Vegan or Allergy modifications.

Who are we here for?

  • YOU.  This business is ultimately created to support people with allergy friendly food options, be locally sourced as much as possible to support other small businesses, and partner with local charities and events to empower others on their nutrition goals and journey.  Yes, it’s a business but our goal is to support your nutritional journey.


Do you have Dieticians?

  • Yes!  We work closely with our dieticians to make items that are macro nutrient fulfilling…and others just down right taste yummy!

What measures do you take to prevent cross contamination?

  • We have a dedicated and trained staff for providing safe gluten free products. We are all ServeSafe certified.


What qualifies as an event order?

  • $100 or more in products.


How far out in advance from my event do I need to place my order?

  • For smaller events we ask that you place your order a minimum of one week before the event (cupcakes and cookies).

  • For wedding orders, we ask that you place your orders 4 weeks in advance for cakes, and at least one week ahead for cookies.

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